Co-counselling Services

Description of Co-counselling Process

  • Preliminary telephone call to establish whether the co-counselling process fits with what the clients aim to achieve
  • A series of sessions, typically inn the range of eight to twelve, although this varies according to specific circumstances
  • Sometimes one therapist interviews one of the clients while the other sits and listens in order to give feedback from this observer perspective
  • Review sessions are conducted on a regular basis to track progress against clients’ expectations
  • Sessions typically last for 50 minutes although some clients prefer less frequent but longer meetings
  • Session frequency is flexible. A longer interval between appointments can sometimes be effective in helping clients to achieve their goals through putting into practice what they’ve learnt from the process
  • Liaison with doctors, specialist psychological resources and other professionals and onward referral where appropriate

Beneficial Outcomes

  • Couple decides to stay together
  • Couple decides to part amicably
  • Separated couples reconcile
  • Couple re-negotiates the terms of their relationship
  • Trust restored in the relationship

Benefits of this Method

  • Balances gender
  • Creates a neutral environment
  • Opportunities for peer therapist conversations
  • Improved communication, mutual understanding and emotional/sexual intimacy
  • Reduction in conflict
  • Allows for more flexible therapeutic methods/techniques
  • Clients benefit form the varied approaches and experience of two therapist

 Clients who Benefit

  • Couples contemplating divorce/seperation
  • Ex-patriot couples struggling with the dual demands of new jobs and integrating into an alien culture
  • Couples from different cultural backgrounds trying to understand/reconcile these differences
  • Separating/divorcing couples wishing to do so amicably
  • individuals wishing to devise a set of pre-marital understandings