Counselling and Therapy in Covent Garden

Covent Garden Counselling

Covent Garden Counselling


  • A confidential counselling and therapy service offered by professionally qualified and experienced psychotherapists at a private practice in Covent Garden.
  • We see individuals, couples and families for a wide range of issues including relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, confidence/self-esteem and those struggling to reach effective decisions.
  • Our co-counselling service involves two therapists working with a client couple.
  • Additionally, we specialise in treating psychosexual difficulties including those related to sexual performance, low sexual desire and various problematic sexual behaviours.
  • We also offer hypnosis for the treatment of stress/anxiety, depression and the resolution of past traumas.


Simon Cutteridge                 Desa Markovic

    Tel: 07818 426120                Tel: 07818 426121